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Traditional Costumes of the Khasis. (MEGHALAYA) copyright - Nisaphi Lyndem

Introduction Source: Handloom weaving with unique and traditional techniques has been an old age process of the Khasis .The traditional costume of the Khasis is known to be ‘ i shongkun bad i Don burom ” which translates to being grand/respectful and modest, however over the years with the coming of Christianity and globalisation, the lifestyle of the present generation has shifted the attention to extensive westernized form of clothing and apparel.  The Khasis inhabit the eastern part of Meghalaya, in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. Khasis residing in Jaintia hills are now better known as Jaintias. They are also called Pnars. The Khasis occupying the northern lowlands and foothills are generally called Bhois. Those who live in the southern tracts are termed Wars. Again among the Wars, those living in the Khasi Hills are called War-Khasis and those in the Jaintia Hills, War-Pnars or War-Jaintias. In the Jaintia Hills we have Khyrwangs, Labangs, Nangphylluts, Nangtungs i

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